2nd - 3rd grade resources - games, activities, web pages

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Guided MAth Trainings

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PowerPoint on Addition and Subtraction Problem Types and CRA for Two-digit Addition and Subtraction
PowerPoint on Addition and Subtraction Fluency, Multiplication and Division, and Area
PowerPoint on Geometry, Measurement, Data and Fractions

Georgia Common Core lessons
Engage NY Common Core lessons (This is the 4th grade page. Other grades are linked on the left side of this page.)
Bridges Supplements This is the 3rd grade page, but the other grades are linked on the left side of this page. The supplemental activities are downloadable as PDFs. The second grade page is here.

addition and subtraction resources

Sum Search, a game from Illuminations at NCTM
Leprechaun Traps: Addition Within 100 (A Teaching Channel Video)
Talking About Math: Sharing Strategies (A Teaching Channel Video) - a good demonstration of a supportive classroom culture
Persistence in Problem Solving (A Teaching Channel Video) - more on Mrs. Saul's supportive classroom culture; Mathematics Practice Standard #1
Making Math Fun with Place Value Games (Teaching Channel Video - rolling dice to make the largest 3-digit number)
Counting Collections to 100 (Teaching Channel Video - adding and subtracting 10's, adding to get 100)
Third Grade Mental Math (Teaching Channel Video - using decomposing into tens and ones and other strategies to add 2-digit numbers)

Fact fluency

In 2nd and 3rd grade, the focus is on addition and subtraction fact fluency. This packet from Ingham ISD contains a teaching strategy, student pages and assessments, and some ideas about fluency games:
Math facts assessments, strategies and games
Also see the Powerpoint from Session 1 (above) for more details on developing fluency.

Distinction between practice and drill

ORIGO Box and Books of Facts
Good resource for developing strategies
and fluency.
ORIGO box of facts.png

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Virtual Manipulatives for demonstrating addition and subtraction with regrouping: See Base Blocks Addition and Base Blocks Subtraction


Using Place Value Cards with Base Ten Blocks
Place value cards are a great way to show how numbers are built up of ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. This document shows how they can be used to represent multi-digit addition with regrouping. (Reproducible place value arrow cards)

multiplication and division resources

Reasoning About Multiplication and Division - a Teaching Channel video about being mathematicians and seeing patterns
Sense-Making and Multiplication - A Teaching Channel Video about sense-making with multiplication that builds on single-digit combinations. There's also a good example of partner work, an example of small-group intervention work, and a demonstration of the beginning of the distributive property.
"Wake Up Brains" with Skip Counting Songs - A Teaching Channel Video showing a class using skip counting songs as a multiplication warm-up activity.
Skip Counting with Counting Collections - A Teaching Channel Video about counting large collections of little objects by 5s, 10s, 100s.
All About Multiplication - NCTM Illuminations lessons for developing the concepts of multiplication.
Exploring Krypto- NCTM Illuminations lessons for developing number sense, computational skill, and an understanding of the order of operations
Multiplication: It's in the Cards - NCTM Illumination lessons for developing multiplication fact fluency
No Need to Memorize - This chart of the multiplication facts shows why students only need to memorize a handful of facts - the rest have easy strategies.
The Product Game - an NCTM interactive computer-based game for exercising skill with factors and multiples (single-digit fluency). Also available in a paper-pencil version.
The Factor Game - a related NCTM interactive computer-based game for finding all the factors of a number. --- Paper game boards for Factor Game and Product Game
Factor Finding - NCTM Illuminations activity for making classroom posters to illustrate factors.

Mixing in Math Flash Cards with many great games Number_Cards_hand.png

Pathways game - Version 1 - Version 2
In Version 1, player #1 rolls two dice and either adds or multiplies them, then draws a circle in their color around the number. Player #2 rolls two dice and either adds or multiplies them, then draws a circle around that number. The object is to circle numbers to create a path from the top to the bottom, and to block the other player from creating a path. Circled numbers can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal to create the path.
Version 2 has its own directions.

great resource books

Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics Grades K-3,
by John A. Van de Walle and Louann H. Lovin.
Published by Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, 2006.

Make sets of more/less/same - activity directions
Teacher website with more/less/same activities
51qQDiyfeOL__SL500_AA300_.jpgChapter on early number concepts
Coming to Know Number: A Mathematics Activity Resource
for Elementary School Teachers, by Grayson H. Wheatley.
Published by Mathematics Learning, Tallahassee, Florida, 1999.
Developing Number Concepts by Kathy Richardson.
Book 2 is about addition and subtraction. Book 3 is
about multi-digit addition and subtraction (place value)
and multiplication and division.
DNC bk 3.png

Number Talks.jpg
Number Talks: Helping Children Build Mental Math
and Computation Strategies, Grades K-5, by Sherry Parrish
Includes DVD
Available at Amazon

cognitively guided instruction

Children's Mathematics: Cognitively Guided Instruction,
by Carpenter, Fennema, et. al. 1999, Heinemann
Available at Amazon

Powerpoint - CGI for Addition and Subtraction (October 30, 2013)
Powerpoint - CGI for Addition and Subtraction (February, 2013


There are some interesting websites and books that might help you if you're setting up a "Daily 5" routine in your classroom, or just want to include more centers. If you find others, let me know.
Introducing Math Daily 5 - An Introduction (videos)
Daily 5 math ideas on Pinterest
Exploring Daily 5 Math in Kindergarten (Mrs. Grochocki's Daily 5 Math)
Delightful Daily 5 Cafe - Math Daily 5 (Laura Komos' blog)
Math Workshop ideas on Pinterest
Also, if you go to Amazon.com and search for Daily 5 Math
you'll find some interesting books about math centers and
daily math practice, including
Math Work Stations: Independent Learning You Can Count On, K-2,
by Debbie Diller, published by Stenhouse Publishers, 2011.
Math Work Stations.jpg

Lots of games on this Numeracy website.
A great website with lots of good ideas for activities with place value arrow cards:

geometry and measurement resources

Georgia lesson plans Grade 2 Measurement
Georgia lesson plans Grade 2 Geometry
Georgia lesson plans Grade 3 Measurement
Georgia lesson plans Grade 3 Geometry
Fun video to learn 3-D shapes (sphere, cylinder, cube, cone) with real-life examples
Half-inch and quarter-inch rulers (black line masters)
Webpage of money activity ideas Another webpage of money activity ideas

More place value activities and games:

An interactive website with the arrow cards

Not about place value arrow cards, but some interesting looking activities on place value:

Lots of place value games (scroll down)