4th - 5th grade resources - games, activities, web pages

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Guided MAth Trainings

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Everyday Math smart board lessons

These lessons or for Fourth Grade.

Fifth Grade EDM SMART Board Lessons (Free)

PowerPoint from Math Academy Session 1 on multiplication and division
PowerPoint from Math Academy Session 2 on fractions
PowerPoint from Math Academy Session 3 on geometry, measurement, estimation and mental math

Key Strategies for Teaching Elementary Mathematics

Georgia Common Core lessons
Engage NY Common Core lessons (This is the 4th grade page. Other grades are linked on the left side of this page.)
Bridges Supplements This is the 3rd grade page, but the other grades are linked on the left side of this page. The supplemental activities are downloadable as PDFs. Here are two of them: 4th grade (PDF) 5th grade (PDF) Both are large files (hundreds of pages of math activities)

Number talks - mental math and computation strategies

Number Talks.jpg
Number Talks: Helping Children Build Mental Math
and Computation Strategies, Grades K-5, by Sherry Parrish
Includes DVD
Available at Amazon
Math facts assessments, strategies and games - a packet from Ingham ISD
Developing computation fluency - a powerpoint that describes the components of computation fluency and strategies for teaching
Developing Automatic Recall of Addition and Subtraction Facts, by Louise Spear-Swerling. June 2006. Available at http://LDonline.org
Printable triangle flash cards for drill exercises
Mixing in Math Flash Cards with many great games

addition and subtraction resources

The Teaching Channel - Subtraction as a Confidence Builder (using alternate methods for subtracting to build students' confidence in their math ability)

multiplication and division resources

Sense-Making and Multiplication - A Teaching Channel Video about sense-making with multiplication that builds on single-digit combinations. There's also a good example of partner work, an example of small-group intervention work, and a demonstration of the beginning of the distributive property.
Types of multiplication and division problems, including ones with remainders (CGI problem types)
Multi-digit multiplication activities and assessments including a learning progression for diagnosing difficulties
Multiplication area model virtual manipulative from NLVM (scroll down to Rectangle Multiplication; see also Rectangle Division)
Multiplication table virtual manipulative from PHET
The Product Game virtual manipulative from NCTM Illuminations --- The Factor Game from NCTM Illuminations --- Paper Game Boards
Factor Tree and Hundreds Chart, virtual manipulatives from NLVM (scroll down to Factor Tree or Hundreds Chart; Factor Tree helps with prime factors; Hundreds Chart helps with skip counting and seeing interesting patterns)
Developing Computational Fluency with Whole Numbers in the Elementary Grades, by Susan Jo Russell

Division C-R-A (concrete to representational to abstract, or objects-pictures-symbols) base ten blocks.jpg

Multiply and Conquor - NCTM Illuminations lessons for developing the concepts behind multi-digit multiplication. Students decompose 2-digit numbers, model area representations using the distributive property and partial product arrays, and align paper-and-pencil calculations with the arrays. The lessons provide conceptual understanding of what occurs in a 2-digit multiplication problem. Partial product models serve as transitions to understanding the standard multiplication algorithm.

Powerpoint from 2-19-13 on multiplication and division (this is a smaller file)
Powerpoint from 10-25-12 on instructional strategies for multiplication and division, including typical student errors (this is a large file)
Multiplication and division assessments for 4th-5th grade.docx
4th grade diagnostic assessment (short), aligned to number and operations standards in the Common Core

Fraction resources

Operations with Fractions, a student workbook for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, including an assessment of basic fraction concepts
Black line masters for fraction strips, fraction circles, and fraction rulers; Black line masters for cookies, brownies and Hershey Bars
Fractions and Decimals: Assessments and Activities, from Victoria, Australia -- Script to accompany the activities and assessment questions
Handouts from 4-30-13 workshop for interventionists and classroom teachers
Fraction concepts assessment
Comparing and ordering fractions
Fraction and decimal classroom activities (many of them!) from the State Department of Education, Victoria, Australia (teacher script)
Fraction Tracks game board and instructions
Fraction dice games
Bridges supplemental materials for Grade 5
Bridges supplemental materials for Grade 4.
Bridges supplemental materials for Grade 3. Scroll down until you find the supplement booklet for fractions. This is the one with the fraction number line and fraction matching activities.

Two very important articles on teaching fractions are available on loan from Theron Blakeslee, Ingham ISD:
  1. 10 Practical Tips for Making Fractions Come Alive and Make Sense, by Doug M. Clarke, Anne Roche, and Annie Mitchell, published in Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 13(7) March 2008, 372-379. Key recommendations

  2. The Role of Representations in Fraction Addition and Subtraction, by Kathleen Cramer, Terry Wyberg, and Seth Leavitt, published in Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 13(8) April 2008, 490-496. Comparing and ordering fractions.doc - A set of problems to use with fraction circles

Recommendations from the IES Practice Guide - Developing Effective Fraction Instruction.pdf

Virtual manipulatives and computer games for fractions:
Fraction Models - show models of fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and percents
Equivalent Fractions - nice representations of circle and bar fractions showing equivalent fractions
Fraction Game (also called Fraction Tracks) - moving along number lines using equivalent fractions
Many nice virtual manipulatives for fractions are available at the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. Click on 3-5 Number and Operations, then scroll down to the fraction section.

Several nice virtual manipulatives for fractions are available on the PHET website. Fractions Intro, Build a Fraction, and Fraction Matcher (my favorite).

A nice classroom set of manipulatives that facilitates teaching the Common Core is available from Didax (www.didax.com) called Fraction Kit for the Common Core, on sale for only $124.95. It includes a set of "Common Core Collaborative Cards that allow students to work together to recognize multiple representations of fractions and equivalents.
CCSS Fraction Kit.jpg

Decimal and percent resources

Decimals and Percentages - Assessment of Basic Concepts (a Word document that you can customize as needed)
NLVM virtual manipulatives for decimals: Place Value Number Line and Base Blocks Decimals (adding decimals)

problem solving

IES Practice Guide: Improving Mathematical Problem Solving in Grades 4-8 (link to pdf)
This Practice Guide contains four research-based recommendations for use and teaching of problem solving in classrooms.

geometry and Coordinate Grids

Interactive "virtual manipulatives" for geometry and coordinate grids
Boat Coordinates: A fun game for practicing with coordinate grids.
Other coordinate grid games can be found at this Mathnook.com website, plus more are listed at this Mathwire.com website.
More coordinate grid games:
Locate the Aliens
Park the Car
Stock the Shelves
Virtual manipulative to show angle measures